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Whether you want to improve the patent monitoring, use patent information via your smartphone, monitor the legal status of a patent or minimize the large number of patent documents:

We supply your company with comprehensive patent information. With our services you can monitor your competitor's newest inventions and save costs due to avoiding duplicate developments or patent infringement. You receive an extensive overview of current and future trends in your industry.

Use this knowledge to stay ahead of your competitors. Since 2001 we support you in patent work. Trust our long lasting expertise. Our services for you as an overview:

We invite you to visit our Blog. There you can find a series of articles regarding the suitability of CPC for classification based patent monitoring.

In our event calendar you can find all coming events and webinars.

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patentGate informs you about actual industrial property rights. Based on search profiles, technology trends, and inventions of competitors are retrieved. The patent documents can be distributed and evaluated. Company specific search fields, patent families and citations complete the database.
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Patent profile reports contain all recently published documents of the previous month on the basis of your search profile. Every document includes bibliographic data and abstracts with a drawing. We can also provide patent data in other formats such as XML or CSV. The complete patent document is just one click away.
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patents2GO is our application for Android devices. Search profiles can be subscribed to tablets or smartphones. The documents can be shared, commented and assessed easily.
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With pgViewer you can easily analyse the results of your research. The Windows program highlights terms so the content of patents can be determined quickly. Here you can download the free demo version.

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We monitor legal status changes of patent documents published by the offices DE, EP, WO, US, CN, JP. You can choose whether you want to be informed about all or only about certain events. You receive new results as a spreadsheet or PDF. [... more ]