patentGate supplies your company with comprehensive patent information.
Patent departments can delegate industrial property rights to other departments and request feedback. With patentGate you can monitor your competitor's newest inventions and current technology trends. You save costs due to avoiding duplicate developments or patent infringement.
You receive an extensive overview of current and future trends in your industry. Use this knowledge to stay ahead of your competitors.
patentGate is individually tailored to your company. Search profiles for the monitoring of competitors or technologies are developed in a close cooperation with you. You determine when and how often you would like to receive new patent documents. Modules complement patentGate's main functionality, the circulation of patent documents with functions for distributing, commentating and giving feedback. This includes interfaces to content management systems or patent administration software. patentGate integrates company specific, searchable fields such as keywords, intern classifications and notes. Thus, you collect and structure the current knowledge in your company and make it available for a wide range of users.
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