Our products for patent monitoring are tailored to different sizes of companies. Details about patent monitoring and creating search profiles are described in this article about patent monitoring.

patents2GO is a mobile app for android devices and appropriate for individual users.

Patent data in custom formats can be integrated in existing databases.

PDF patent reports can be used for distribution to individual developers or small teams. Interesting patents can be discussed in teams. Results can be passed via email or telephone.

patentGate organises the patent workflow in companies. All actions are stored in the patent database. Thus, synergies through patent families and parallel processing can be used. Extensive options for configurations determine how patent information is distributed in the company and how to react to feedback.

patentGate/Report combines searchable databases and patent reports. Users subscribe to one or more reports and receive actual patent information in this way.

ProductPatent dataPatent reportspatents2GOpatentGatepatentGate/Report
Number of users1+1-1015+5+
FormatXML, CSV, PDF, others on requestPDFXML, PDFXML, PDFXML, PDF
ClientPDF readerAppbrowser + PDF readerbrowser + PDF reader
ServerSQL database in AppMySQL or Oracle database, Apache web serverMySQL or Oracle database, Apache web server
Workflow-InformInform, Share, Evaluate, ClassifyInform, Distribute, Evaluate, Classify, Feedback, Transmit Inform, Distribute
Bibliographic data+++++
Front page drawing+++++
Full document+++++
For all products we use official data sources from Patent Offices.
With pgViewer you can easily analyse the results of your research. The Windows program highlights terms so the content of patents can be determined quickly. Here you can download the free demo version.


We monitor legal status changes of patent documents published by the offices DE, EP, WO, US, CN, JP. You can choose whether you want to be informed about all or only about certain events. You receive new results as a spreadsheet or PDF.
You find the notification about changes in the legal status of a patent published in the patent registers in legal status monitoring.